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Any company that aims towards protecting their intellectual property (IP) assets needs to have a comprehensive patent portfolio. We at Sehgal IPR services understand this and thus have appointed a team of patent experts who excel in guiding all sectors of companies as they fabricate their portfolios through the process of obtaining patents from the Indian patent office and from other offices around the world.

Sehgal IPR services as a company, manifests uniqueness among the firms which are at the top of the listing as many of the patents obtained by us are originally written by our very own team members who work closely with inventors to completely understand and relate to their inventions. A patent application is then drafted which perfectly encapsulates all the inventions that are vital for our clients’ ultimate business goal. Patents are then filed and prosecuted with utmost care and immense effort once they are complete. Patentability analysis is always done first to capture the most relevant art and strategically plan the drafting of it.

What’s more is that we are fully compliant with the rules & regulations of the Indian patent office and are able to successfully navigate the system whilst taking care of the inventions we need to protect. Our team’s depth of education, technical expertise and experience enables us to analyze all the technical and legal issues expertly and present an outstandingly persuasive case on behalf of our clients.

The services we have to offer include-

  • Proper training of R&D and IP workforce through the means of seminars and training programs
  • Technology landscaping, capturing all sets of relevant patents and an in-depth analysis of each reference
  • Awareness of IPR among R&D workforce and the identification of white spaces in technology landscapes used in the respective technology domain
  • Identification of the novel and inventive features of the technology and complete analysis of the patents
  • Blending of technical, legal and drafting skills to prepare an effective application draft
  • Constructive prosecution of patent application
  • PCT filing of patent application
  • Foreign filing and prosecution
  • Expedited patent publication in India
  • Expedited patent examination in the US

Safe non infringing products & process-

  • Infringement analysis of the product and to advise how to circumvent enforceable patent, if any
  • Freedom to operate opinion for specific jurisdiction/s

Patent opposition-

  • Prior art search to ascertain and prepare for pre grant opposition
  • Prior art search to ascertain and prepare for post grant opposition