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Company Overview

Sehgal IPR Services is committed to providing top quality, comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective intellectual property services to a diverse roster of domestic and international technology-based clients. We deal with companies of all sizes ranging from high-tech startups and mid-sized manufacturing firms to some of the largest and well-known companies in the world. We also possess the skill of working with IPR attorneys from all over the world who aim for outsourcing prior art searchers for patent invalidations or freedom to operate opinions. We hold the capability of working with well known research institutions and universities wherein we assist them in patentability analysis of the research activities that they undertake, drafting of the patent applications and their out-licensing.

We at Sehgal IPR services prioritize our clients’ IP needs by understanding and getting to the depth of their businesses. We scrutinize and assign appropriate team members with requisite expertise from our deep bench whose academic credentials and patent experience align with individual client technologies and industries. We as a company are exceptionally well positioned when it comes to assist clients in a spectrum of cutting-edge fields-including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and therapeutics, additive manufacturing, nanotechnology, optics, informatics, semiconductors, chemicals, computer science, and telecommunications – to establish, protect, and fully realize the potential of their intellectual properties.